Zest-it Brushable Wax resist 140gm

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Softer than masking fluid but still with the power to preserve, this thinnable wax resist can be used with a brush, giving you absolute control.

"There are times when I find masking fluid too harsh. A wax crayon may not be accurate enough so the Brushable Wax Resist can be thinned to the consistency you require and applied with a brush. It also makes for an interesting experimental medium!"
Alison C Board, SAA Professional Artist

The Zest-it Brushable Wax resist is non-toxic, non-flammable, it is a creamy white colour and made from renewable source Beeswax and Gum Damar. It has a very mild resinous, citrus, waxy smell.

The Brushable Wax Resist can be applied with a brush, sponge or shaper. If thinned with Wax Solvent, a dip pen or ruling pen.
Apply to paper ,wood or a porous surface as a Wax Resist, the area covered with the wax will retain is original colour, when watercolour is applied. Use with a 'squeezy bottle' for a cold style Batik on paper or fabric.

Allow to dry if a more impasto effect is required or a 'silk painting' look. Oil paint, Dyes, Dry pigment, glitter can be added to the Wax Resist for colour and different effects. The wax will resist the water media applied over the top.

Do not use heat as this can cause the beeswax to give off fumes that can be irritating to the eyes and nose. It will also cause the wax to soak into the surface and become less functional. It is best allowed to dry then 'buffed' with a soft cloth giving subtle contrast to the watercolour surface.

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