SAA Blue Masking Set - Blue Masking Fluid, Brushes, Ruling Pen & Maskaway

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This set of SAA Blue Mask, Masking Fluid Brushes and the SAA Ruling Pen will help improve your use of masking fluid no end!

Blue Mask is lightly tinted so you can see where it is on the paper. It is ideal to cover up areas you want to leave blank or come back to, and can be rubbed or peeled off using a putty eraser or your fingertips. This set comes with a 60ml bottle; enough to last you months of use!

Our Masking Brushes make applying our Blue Mask quick and easy. The tips are made from synthetic bristle, and the brushes can be cleaned using soapy water. They come in a set of three, including one small, one medium and one large (sizes 0, 2 and 4).

The Ruling Pen is perfect for applying masking fluid to your painting for fine detail and straight lines.

Please note: This product contains latex

This simple yet highly effective tool removes good quality masking fluids from a wide variety of surfaces. It can be easily cleaned after use and can be cut to shape for more detailed erasing. Maskaway can also be used to remove a wide variety of sticky marks, including adhesive tape, and cleans dirty paper or after using Tracedown.

"This is a very simple yet effective tool to add to your box of goodies. It erases masking fluid quickly and cleanly from the surface, keeping your hands free from paint and saving the surface from abrasion. I wouldn't be without one." Alison C. Board, SAA Professional Artist.

Dimensions: 5cm x 5cm x 9mm

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