Drawing Perspective with Tim Fisher

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This straightforward guide to a perennially taxing subject is aimed directly at the artist, not the technician.

Perspective is not a subject that can be ignored in the hope that things will somehow turn out right. It has specific rules that the eye and brain apply with rigour and errors, as Tim eloquently illustrates, can simply make the situation ridiculous.

For the artist, though, it’s a matter of interpretation, a bit like music, and Tim also explains at the end of the book how rules can sometimes be broken. For the rest of it, with a commendable limit to the number of lines and diagrams, he guides us through the ways to get perspective right in a wide variety of scenes and situations.

You’ll learn about - and fully understand - single and multi-point perspective, how to create depth and what to apply when. Most important, you’ll do this by subject: people, animals, landscapes and buildings. At the same time, you’ll work with shadows, reflections and planes through a series of examples, exercises and demonstrations.

Tim’s approach throughout is visual and practical and this is one of the best and most artistic guides there is.

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Tim Fisher

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