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This simple guide will have you producing worthwhile results in only a few lessons, and with our materials bundle, you'll have everything you need to get started.

This stunning bundle includes Take Three Colours Watercolour Seascapes by Geoff Kersey, three 14ml SAA Artists Watercolours, two SAA Detailer Brushes and a pack of our Practice Paper.

Take Three Colours Watercolour Seascapes

Geoff will show you how to use just three brushes and three colours - Red, Yellow and Blue - to achieve all the hues and effects that you need.

After a quick introduction to your materials, the book proceeds by way of a series of nine projects that take you through all the techniques you will need. You'll learn about waves, reflections, boats, buildings and shorelines.

Each lesson builds on what went before and includes fully-detailed step by step demonstrations. There are also plenty of hints and jargon-busting captions that make sure you're never confused by terminology.

Geoff is a patient and thorough teacher and this is one of the best introductions to seascape painting you'll find.

SAA Artists Watercolours

Made exclusively in the UK, each 14ml tube combines the finest pigments, with the highest quality production standards, and represents fantastic value for money for any watercolour painter.

Cadmium Yellow

Beautifully brilliant, this intense, bright, yellow is renowned for its versatility, permanence and tinting power.

Extremely permanent under normal conditions, Cadmium Yellow is noted for its acclaimed brightness, strength and opacity.

French Ultramarine

One of the most practical colours in the artists' palette, French Ultramarine is the perfect blue for painting skies and seascapes.

French Ultramarine is permanent under normal conditions; its warm, semi-transparent colour is great for mixing rich darks and Purples.

Light Red
An opaque red with a tint of brown, this versatile colour is ideal for capturing flowers and rich landscapes.

Light Red is extremely permanent under normal conditions, with a bright, opaque quality - perfect for creating washes or adding touches of dramatic detail.

SAA Silver Detailers, Size 2 (2mm) & Size 4 (3mm)

The perfect alternative to Sable hair, SAA Silver Brushes are made using a synthetic mix that is great at holding lots of paint and keeping its shape.

Paint detailed elements successfully!

We've designed the Detailer for flower studies or those detailed elements of a landscape to give you every chance of success.

SAA Watercolour Practice Paper - 300gsm 1/4 Imperial, NOT, 10 Sheets

SAA Practice Paper features a new absorbent surface that has been specially developed to keep your colours clean and bright - great for washes, blending and bringing your paintings to life.

Cadmium Yellow Pigment Composition:
Cadmium Sulphide
Permanence: AA (Extremely Permanent)
Notes: O (Opaque)

French Ultramarine Pigment Composition:
Pigment Composition: Silica/Sodium/Sulphur/Alumina Complex
Permanence: A (Permanent under normal conditions)
Notes: ST* (Semi Transparent)

Light Red Pigment Composition:
Pigment Composition: Calcined Iron Oxide Extremely
Permanence: AA (Extremely Permanent)
Notes: O (Opaque)

We take pride in the fact that SAA watercolours contain no animal by-products and are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans

Search Press • Paperback • 64 pages • Colour throughout

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