Ordering for Delivery within the European Union

From 1st July 2021, any business selling to consumers in the European Union (EU) needs to comply with VAT obligations on sales within the EU to consumers. The One-Stop Shop (OSS) makes it easier for us to manage this, and will mean you know exactly what to expect when ordering for delivery to within the EU.


What does it mean to me?

If you’re placing an order UNDER 150 euros, we (Artifolk / Teaching Art Ltd) are responsible for paying the VAT on your order, meaning we are the ‘Customer of Record’. So quite simply, you will pay for your order with us, and everything is paid for, making delivery easy and smooth. This is known as ‘Delivery Duty Paid’ (DDP).

If you’re placing an order OVER 150 euros, your order will be subject to VAT, DUTY & charges, payable by you (making you the ‘Customer of Record’). Please note, these orders will be sent ‘Delivered Duty Unpaid’ (DDU). This means that when your package arrives at its destination country, you will be contacted by customs to pay any customs duty owed before it will be released. If customs are not able to make contact with you, the package could be returned or delayed, which is why it is essential to provide correct contact information at point of order.