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Pastel Books'

Pastel Books

Discover the unique joys of pastel painting with easy-to-use guides and Step-by-step demonstrations to one of the most versatile and forgiving mediums.Whether you are a beginner or a painter with some experience these books will provide an ideal introduction to the wonderful subject of pastel painting showing how to approach a range of subjects, from landscapes and flowers to portraits and still life.

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  1. DISCONTINUED & SOLD OUT - Pastel Innovations Book with Dawn Emerson

    DISCONTINUED & SOLD OUT - Pastel Innovations Book with Dawn Emerson


    This innovative book is full of creative ideas that will take your pastel paintings to new heights.

    Dawn Emerson begins with a fresh look at the vocabulary of art, encouraging you to think anew about the way you see and create.

    Starting again from scratch prepares you for a raft of fresh ideas that use form and colour in whole new ways. She also introduces other media and techniques such as stenciling and monoprinting that open up a world of creative effects.

    This isn't a book about how to paint in pastel so much as a guide to how to use the medium to express your ideas in a whole new way.

    North Light Books
    162 Pages
    Colour Throughout Learn More
  2. Dramatic Color in the Landscape Book with Brian Keeler

    Dramatic Color in the Landscape Book with Brian Keeler


    This is a book about capturing the many variations of light, from skies and clouds to dramatic sunsets and moonlit scenes.

    Working in both oil and pastel, Brian explains the use of colour and the importance of perspective as well as how to capture shadows and use contrast to provide both depth and impact. Even if this is not your choice of medium, the basic principles and many of the techniques apply. This is something you can use regardless of your personal painting style.

    The book is a series of examples and demonstrations that build up gradually into a thorough course that you can either work through to develop your skills progressively, or dip into for a particular topic or technique. Subject matter includes landscapes and waterscapes as well as smaller vistas and urban scenes.

    Light is a subject that's never the same twice and it can be a lifetime's study. This is a book which will help you on the road to successful painting and an understanding of the many elements of this fascinating topic.

    North Light - Hardback - 128 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  3. Pastels Unleashed Book with Margaret Evans

    Pastels Unleashed Book with Margaret Evans


    This exciting book will open your eyes to a world of new and creative ideas in this rewarding medium.

    Margaret Evans presents a masterclass that's packed with ideas and inspiration covering subjects from people to landscapes and seascapes.

    Techniques include dry ones, such as glazing and layering, and those which work wet with water or thinners.

    There are also hints on colour, perspective and composition as well as the use of photographs and sketchbooks. All the sections are generously illustrated and Margaret provides a veritable mine of ideas on every page.

    The book is progressive throughout, building into a complete course that ends with a series of demonstrations that include hills, mountains, landscape and flowers. There are just enough steps in each of these to ensure that you can follow the progress, but without being so many that every new mark is catalogued.

    This is one of the most complete books about painting with pastels that there has ever been.

    Search Press - Paperback - 144 pages - Colour throughout Learn More
  4. Beginning Pastels Book with Paul Pigram

    Beginning Pastels Book with Paul Pigram


    Learn everything you need to know to get started drawing and painting in pastel!

    From choosing the right paper, pastel, and colours to basic techniques such as blending and shading, this book is perfect for artists just getting started in this colourful medium.

    Each stroke and technique is clearly explained and beautifully illustrated, enabling you to master key concepts and then put them into practice through simple step-by-step exercises.

    - Draw and paint colourful sunsets, landscapes, seascapes and more
    - Discover basic techniques and create many different effects using pastels
    - Create a complete pastel painting from start to finish

    Pastel painting is made accessible and achievable for all artists with Paul Pigram's expert instruction - let Paul guide you as you begin your artistic journey in this rewarding medium! Learn More
  5. Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca

    Pastels for the Absolute Beginner with Rebecca De Mendonca


    This thorough guide to the rewarding medium of pastel will teach you much more than just the basics and may be the only pastel book you’ll ever need!

    Beginning at the beginning, Rebecca looks at materials and supports as well as setting up a workspace and basic mark-making. She follows this with simple drawing lessons that guide you through a nicely progressive range of three-dimensional shapes, introducing shading, tone and colour. Further exercises exploit pastel’s unique qualities as both a drawing and a painting medium and provide insights into the possibilities offered. All these early lessons are quite short and you’ll never be discouraged by lengthy sessions that produce little - quick results always make you want to learn more.

    The real meat of the book, and its main virtue, is the sheer breadth of subjects that follows. As well as introducing new techniques in an eminently practical way, these cover landscapes, waterscapes, trees, skies, people and animals. Usefully, as well as being more than proficient at all of these, Rebecca is also at home with both fine detail and loose styles of working. As an introduction, this gives you the chance to explore the medium as widely as possible and also to decide on what you want to paint and how you want to work.

    Comprehensive and painstaking, this is a guide that’s rewarding and easy to follow. Learn More
  6. Start to Paint Book with Pastels with Jenny Keal

    Start to Paint Book with Pastels with Jenny Keal


    Originally published in 2011 in the Tips & Techniques series, this remains one of the best introductions around to the rewarding medium of pastels.

    Jenny uses a full-painting technique, where the whole surface is covered. She explains the various methods of application, including the side of the pastel to create large areas of colour and using the edge for fine lines.

    After consideration of topics such as composition and perspective, the book moves on to a series of demonstrations that cover landscapes, mountains, coastal and harbour scenes and flowers. Each one is fully illustrated with step-by-step photographs.

    Search Press - Paperback - 114 pages - Colour throughout Learn More

All Pastel Books (6 products)

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