• Tanah Lot Temple at Beraban Village, in Bali by Michele Illing

    Materials: 200lbs HP Watercolour Paper SAA Artists' Watercolours: Cadmium Yellow Quinacridone Magenta Caput Mortem Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Sap Green Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolours: Indanthrene Blue Winsor Green Schmincke Horadam Artists' Watercolours: Titanium Gold Ochre Neutral Tint I was very fortunate to be staying in Bali earlier in the...
  • Trying Different Colours (Blog 2) – by experienced watercolour artist and tutor, Bill Lupton (SAA Ambassador)

    I uploaded a blog recently about using colours that I wouldn't ordinarily use in my work, and I chose 3 colours from the SAA range and see how they combined to make a painting. I do this occasionally to expand my understanding of colours and how they work together when...
  • Piñata Alcohol Inks- Fun Times by Steve Gould

    As an artist who loves being spontaneous - well, don't we all? - and enjoys his artistic play time, this exciting new product really gets the creative juices flowing. That feeling you get, while first discovering the potential of these incredible inks, when you just can't wait to get started...
  • Abstracting an Orange by Ali Hargreaves

    This is a great exercise for: Mixing colours Practising making light and dark tones Close observation Pen and wash technique SAA Watercolours: Lemon Cadmium Yellow Quinacridone Gold Permanent Rose Cadmium Red Alizarin Crimson SAA Silver Brushes: No 6 worker Other materials: SAA practice paper (NOT) Faber-Castell Permanent Black Fine Artists...
  • A Brush with Brusho by Steve Gould

    Brusho product shot. All work was created on SAA practice paper. I have always loved art in all its guises. From my most formative years I have sketched and scribbled; drawn and doodled; coloured and contoured. Art remains a seminal aspect of my being, allowing me to connect to, and...
  • Being Positive about THE NEGATIVE

    Being positive about THE NEGATIVE Inside and out   PA Ali Lindley suggests a simple exercise to add a new technique to your painting skills Materials Watercolour Brushes: Round size 16 or above 1" Flat Watercolours: Burnt Umber or Prussian Blue Paper: Watercolour Paper no larger than 10" x 8...

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