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PA Corner

  • Improving Drawing - A Three Stage Approach. Part 1

    PA Clive Riggs shares some excellent tips to improve your drawing. Part1 - Part2 - Part 3 Drawing to most of us, will mean expressing the form of something on a flat surface. To some, myself included, it is far more important than colour as the effective use of colour depends much more on...
  • Improving Drawing - Part 2

    PA Clive Riggs shares part two of his series on Improving your drawing Part1 - Part2 - Part 3 Before I go on to talk about the second part to improving your drawing, here are a couple of tips on line: If you want to create space using line, that is, create the illusion...
  • A day on the Introducing PA stand at It's All About Art - by Paul Beattie

    Friday the 8th of February 5 a.m and it just dawned on me what an opportunity and day this would be, not only for me but also for eight other P.A's heading to Manchester for an opportunity of a lifetime. I had the chance to get up in front of...
  • Capturing a Moment - Rebecca de Mendonça

    How often have you watched your child, grandchildren or someone you know, as they are completely absorbed in their own world, and you have known it would make a lovely painting, if only you could capture that moment? I have spent years with my growing family, trying to draw and...
  • A Cinematic Celebration

    Just before Christmas I called Essex County Council to see if they could advise me on how to achieve my goals of facilitating artists to exhibit in the local empty shops both to liven up the town and to enable more local artists to exhibit  I was invited by the council...

    My name is Warren Sealey. I am an artist from Bristol and I paint mainly in oil, but I do use pastel and watercolour at times. I'd like to take you through my pastel portrait technique in a step-by-step project which will illustrate the stages I go through to complete...

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