• Summer Woodland with Matthew Palmer

    Matthew Palmer uses his range of natural watercolours to capture the atmosphere of this woodland scene
  • Salt and Spattering with Jane Betteridge

    Materials: Paper: Saunders Waterford 300lb NOT surface 15" x 15" SAA Silver Brushes: Whopper No.6 Round No. 16 Round Rigger Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolours: Cobalt Blue Cobalt Violet Winsor Yellow Indigo Olive Green Burnt Umber Also: Palette Knife SAA Masking Fluid & Applicator White Acrylic Ink Salt Jane Betteridge...
  • Low Tide with David Hyde

    Materials: Gesso Primed Board 16" x 12" Artisan Oils: Cadmium Yellow Medium Yellow Ochre Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Red Dark French Ultramarine Burnt Sienna Titanium White Artisan Mediums: Fast drying medium Thinner SAA Oil & Acrylic Brushes: No 4, 6, 8 Flat No 2, 4, 6 Round Also No 2...
  • Sparkle!

    As promised in the November issue of Paint, here’s your exclusive tutorial of the November front cover, called ‘Sparkle’ by Trevor Osborne. We’d love to see you having a go, too! Send your paintings to the editor, [email protected] Happy painting and drawing – and stay safe on bonfire night! Materials...
  • Optical Blending with Max Hale

    In this demonstration at the village of Albourne in Wiltshire I have tackled a fairly tricky subject not only because it was raining on and off whilst I did my sketching and referencing but because the end result needed muted colours and subtle values. I taped grey Canson Mi-teintes pastel...
  • Out and About - Light on the River Var with Mitch Waite

    SAA PA Mitch Waite use his oil paints to capture this vista of the River Var from this hillside vantage point. Materials: SAA Oil Paints: Titanium White Raw Sienna Burnt Sienna Cadmium Red Cadmium Yellow Ultramarine Blue Burnt Umber Alizarin Crimson Also: Turpentine Canvas Hog Hair Brush   The Subject...

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