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Brush with Acrylics DVD with Terry Harrison


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Brush with Acrylics DVD with Terry Harrison

This DVD has been designed to dispel all the myths of acrylic painting. Acrylics are a fantastic and versatile medium that anyone can use to paint pictures they are proud of. So sit back and let Terry show you how. Terry Harrison is one of the Uks top selling published artists, with work on show in galleries as well as in private collections. He is in great demand as a demonstrator for art soeicties and at major art events. Through his videos and live appearances, Terry has inspired thousands of painting to achieve success. Join Terry Harrison as he shows you just how ro paint an acrylic landscape. He proves how quick and simple painting with acrylics can be, and explains everything you need to know to paint three stunning pieces of art. Starting with a summer landscape including a stream, Terry explains all the techniques including layering whivh enable you get get instant results. Follow the bluebell wood and poppy field demonstrations and, by the end of this video you will be achieving impressive results. Ideal for both the acrylic beginner and the more experienced artist. DVD: 82 mins Please note that while this is a Region 0 DVD, it is PAL formatted and therefore unlikely to play in North America, Japan, South Korea and some of the Pacific Islands. However, all DVDs will play on personal computers and laptops.

Produced by Teaching Art, , Running Time: Mins

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