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Winsor & Newton Individual Artists' Paint Brushes

Winsor & Newton Artists Watercolour Sable Brushes
Winsor & Newton wanted to produce a high quality, yet affordable, sable brush for the watercolour artist, and this is the excellent result. The Artists' Watercolour Sable brush has been created based upon the most popular and useful brush shapes for watercolour painting. The range makes no compromise on the quality of the materials used - quality Kolinsky sable hair, birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules, assembled by hand at Winsor & Newton's factory in Lowestoft, Suffolk, with over 100 years of experience. Kolinsky sable has a number of attributes: its natural profile provides a pronounced belly and tapered tip, it has a natural tendency to spring back on itself maintaining brush shape during painting, and it is extremely resilient and therefore very durable. These Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolour Sable brushes are hand crafted from the finest Kolinsky sable hair. As well as the quaility of workmanship and materials, the Artists' Watercolour Sable brush has the added benefit of the unique Winsor & Newton sculptured handle with a matt finish for the ultimate comfort whilst painting. The brushes are available in a range of sizes and in round, pointed round, one stroke and rigger.
Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolour Sable Brushes
Winsor & Newton Cirrus Kolinsky Sable Artists Brushes
Have you ever wanted to buy a pure Kolinsky sable brush but felt it was too expensive? Winsor & Newton have now developed a new range of pure sable brushes which give you the quality and performance you demand at a price you can afford. From over 100 years ago when brushes were first added to the Winsor & Newton range, the diversity and the output of artists' brushes has increased manyfold to meet the demands of discerning artists the world over. Today, Winsor & Newton, makers of the world's finest sable brush, the Series 7, first made for Queen Victoria, constantly innovate and improve the quality of their brushes, maintaining one of the largest ranges of artists' brushes available. Sable hair is an excellent material for artists' brushes. Each individual hair has a belly which tapers to a perfect point. When the hair is formed together the hairs form a point which springs back into shape during and after use. In addition, to the shape, the hair is covered in natural ‘scales' which increase the surface area, resulting in excellent colour carrying capacity. The new Cirrus range has been developed to give the artist a quality sable at an affordable price. The comprehensive range of suitable head shapes and sizes offers a brush for your every need. Cirrus brushes are made from pure Kolinsky Sable. Each brush is carefully hand made by the skilled Winsor & Newton brush makers.
Winsor & Newton Cirrus Kolinsky Sable Artists' Brushes
Winsor & Newton Cotman Artists Brushes
Winsor and Newton's first range of synthetic artists' brushes was this Cotman range. Using a special synthetic fibre of differing thicknesses, the Cotman watercolour brush has great spring and point, and good colour carrying capacity. The brushes have seamless nickel ferrules and polished metallic blue handles. There is a wide choice of brush sizes and styles: short- and long-handled round, rigger, one-stroke, flat, fan, angled and mop.
Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brushes
As with all of Winsor and Newton's top quality products, their unsurpassed excellence can in part be attributed to the careful selection of only the highest quality raw materials. This tradition of excellence began in 1866 when Her Majesty Queen Victoria gave orders that Winsor and Newton, holders of the Royal Warrant, be commanded to produce brushes of the highest possible quality in her favourite size, No. 7. The brushes were made from the very finest Kolinsky Sable hair, the handles ivory, and the ferrules sterling silver. Subsequently, these superior fine Sables were supplied to other connoisseurs, albeit with ebony handles and less lavish ferrules. Designating them Series 7 preserved a link with the original supply to the Royal Household. It is this concern for quality, which has established Series 7 as absolutely unrivalled amongst Sable brushes, with a long-established worldwide reputation for excellence, which Winsor & Newton jealously guard by unremitting care to every detail. Series 7 Sables are still costly - they could not be otherwise, but if your work demands the best, if you appreciate long life and incomparable service throughout, the purchase is an investment, which will prove to be a long term economy. Manufactured from only the finest taper dressed, pure Kolinsky Sable hair, in rust-proof seamless nickel plated ferrules with black polished handles.
Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Watercolour Brushes
Winsor & Newton University Artists Brushes
Winsor & Newton University artists' brushes are a genuine all purpose range. Their competitive price makes this artists' brush useful for beginners, students and professional artists wanting an inexpensive option. But they are also suitable for a wide variety of craft applications. Stiff enough to use with oils and acrylics, yet soft enough to use with watercolour, the smooth, white polyester fibres make fine, smooth marks compared to hog hair. University is a range of good quality white polyester artists' brushes with distinctive white tipped red handles. University brushes are available in a range of sizes in short- and long-handled round, flat/bright and fan.
Winsor & Newton Winton Oil/Acrylic Hog Brushes
Winsor and Newton have applied their 100-plus years of brush making knowledge to develop the Winton range of artists hog brushes. Ideal for oil colour, but great too for acrylic and alkyd. With a winning combination of excellent quality and sensible price, the Winton Hog brush range appeals to students and professional artists alike. Winton is available in a range of sizes and shapes including round, short flat/bright, long flat, filbert and fan.
Winsor and Newton Artisan Brush
The most popular shape. The long handle makes it ideal for oil colour, where drawing and scumbling over the surface can be achieved. Artisan brushes were developed with a unique blend of high quality polyester fibres, offering excelllent spring, durability and strength, whilst maintaining a good shape. Can be used for acrylics as well as for water-mixable oils.
Winsor and Newton Artisan Brush
Winsor and Newton Azanta Brush
The economic hog brush! New Azanta Black Hog Brushes are a range of inexpensive natural hog bristle brushes suitable for use with Acrylics and Oils, including Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil. To help to prevent corrosion and aid cleaning, the ferrules are made from seamless nickel plated brass and have a stylish matt black finish to the handles.
Winsor and Newton Azanta Brush
Winsor and Newton Galeria Acrylic Brushes
Winsor and Newton Galeria artists' brushes have been specifically designed for use with acrylic colour. The unique mix of synthetic filaments has been developed to provide artists with perfect control for thicker application of colour and responsiveness, whilst maintaining excellent shape retention. The versatility of acrylic colour places heavy demands on any brush which is why Winsor and Newton created Galeria brushes to be strong and resilient, whilst offering flexibility and sensitivity in use. The versatility of the range means it is available in both short and long-handle variants. The long-handled brushes are made from stiffer filaments, allowing thicker application on tougher surfaces. Galeria artists' brushes are stiff enough to push thick colour, applying the acrylic like a spade for specific effects. The short-handles have a softer head, ideal for using when a thinner consistency is required for glazing or a water colour style of painting. The short-handled variants have excellent colour carrying capacity for use with fluid colour.
Winsor and Newton Goat Hair Wash Brush
Goat Wash Brushes are made from soft goat hair and are coarser than Squirrel hair brushes. They are ideal for large washes and blending and have excellent colour carrying capacity.
Winsor and Newton Monarch Brush
For many years, natural mongoose was considered a stiffer alternative to sable, with the advantage that it had more spring and so was better for moving heavy body colour. However, the mongose is now classed as an endangered species. Winsor & Newton have therefore developed Monarch - our sythetic alternative that mimics the characteristics of the natural hair.
Winsor and Newton Monarch Brush
Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold Watercolour Brush
A blend of sable and synthetic hair, in just the right proportions to match the performance of pure sable, but at an affordable price.
Winsor and Newton Sceptre Gold Watercolour Brush
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