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Daler Rowney Individual Artists' Paint Brushes

Daler Rowney Aquafine Watercolour Brushes
These Aquafine watercolour artists' brushes will complement any range of watercolour, whether used by a beginner or a professional artist. The Daler Rowney brushes are made from dark-tipped, carefully selected sable-like filaments, with a high gloss blue handle and seamless nickel plated ferrule. Aquafine brushes are designed to be durable and hold colour and point very well. They come in a range of sizes, and in round, flat shader, short flat, script liner and fan blender.
Daler Rowney Bristlewhite Hog Brush
Pure Chungking hog bristle is chosen for these brushes which are noted for their resilience and durability. Suitable for both oil and acrylic painting.
Daler Rowney Cryla Brush
Designed for acrylic painting. The Cryla brush range covers a wide variety of shapes and sizes. All brushes have natural look fibres which provide high resilience and durability, and each brush is fitted with a seamless ferrule and a unique marbled handle.
Daler Rowney Dalon Brush
Dalon is a remarkable man-made imitation of natural sable hair. Dalon's high resilience and durability ensures excellent shape retention and long life in use for watercolours, oils and acrylics.
Daler Rowney Diana Kolinsky Sable Brush
Finest selected Kolinsky sable for water colour painting. Diana is the name that signifies the very best in sable brushes. Sable is essential to achieve high standards in watercolours or gouache. For colour holding capacity there is no better natural hair or man made fibre.
Daler Rowney Diana Kolinsky Sable Brush
Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Brushes
Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Artists' Hog brushes are designed to cope with the rigours of oil painting, with extra fine quality Chungking hog bristle. This has a high percentage of natural flags for maximum colour retention. Daler Rowney Georgian Oil Artists' hog brushes are hand made using traditional interlocked construction for durability and control. They come in a range of sizes and in round, long flat, short flat, filbert and fan.
Daler Rowney Sapphire Brush
For artists who demand quality, colour holding and spring, together with value for money, Daler-Rowney's dynamic range of Sapphire Brushes are just perfect. The unique blend of the finest red sable hair and tapered synthetic filaments create a brush that performs like a sable and lasts like a synthetic.
Daler Rowney Sapphire Brush
Daler Rowney System 3 Acrylic Brushes
For great value and performance these System 3 Acrylic Artists' brushes from Daler Rowney are hard to beat. Designed to be resilient and hard wearing, the brushes are also carefully balanced to make them more comfortable to use. Whether a beginner or an accomplished artist, you will like the look and feel of this acrylic brush, available in a range of sizes and in round, filbert, short flat, long flat and skyflow.
Daler-Rowney Graduate Acrylic/Oil Brush
Designed with the intermediate oil and acrylic artist in mind, these brushes represent exceptional quality and value for money. Made from a mix of synthetic and natural hairs, the collection of shapes and sizes make this a 'must have' range for any artist.
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