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Individual Artists' Paint Brushes

For three generations, Da Vinci has created the highest quality artist and specialty brushes. Today, the family owned business offers the largest selection of artist brushes in the world. Each brush is crafted with pride to Da Vinci's exacting standards. Using the finest raw materials available, skilled brushmakers draw on both centuries-old wisdom and input from contemporary professional artists. Utilising the latest technical innovations, they create brushes of unsurpassed beauty, quality, and endurance.
Daler Rowney produce fine brushes for working in oil, acrylic and watercolour. Artists will enjoy the quality when working with these brushes, whether it is the Daler Rowney Georgian, System 3 or Aquafine ranges. All of the artists' brushes include a wide range of sizes as well as coming in round flat, filbert and fan.
Daler Rowney have updated and expanded their mid-range artists' brushes. Aquafine watercolour, Georgian oil and System 3 acrylic brushes have a new finish to them and now fall into one of 3 better value price brackets. Great for beginners, students or professionals, each range has a full choice of styles and sizes to choose from.
Artifolk are delighted to stock a wide range of Winsor and Newton artists' brushes. Winsor and Newton have over 100 years of brush making experience and produce by hand a number of brushes which have stood the test of time. But they also work with new materials to present today's artists with an unrivalled choice of quality brushes, for everything from watercolour to oil and acrylic. Here you will find a wide choice of Winsor and Newton brushes: Cotman, Winton, Galeria, Series 7, Artists' Sable and University.
With their black or bright lime green handles, these Liquitex brushes are a modern addition to the artists' traditional collection of brushes. Designed for use with acrylics, there is a wide choice of styles, from the usual round and flat to the more unusual splatter, angled or mural brushes.
Synonymous with high quality, Raphael artists' brushes are hand made in France to exacting standards to deliver a supreme finished product. Artists comment on what a pleasure these brushes are to use, and they will last for years if looked after correctly. The range includes the specially selected fine art brushes chosen and designed by Billy Showell, specifically with longer tips, ideal for botanical work.
If you want quality, hand-made brushes then Isabey could be for you. They have been made in France since 1793, and have a worldwide reputation for quality and value. In particular, Isabey are renowned for their squirrel and sable brushes, and our selection here includes many standard styles such as round or mop, but also the more unusual such as reservoir or skywash. Probably one of their more famous brushes - the classic French Quill Mop, series 6234, is also available from Artifolk.
Artifolk's selection of other brush brands and non-branded artists' and craft brushes, all at great prices. Choose from traditional round and flat headed brushes or the more contemporary reservoir brush pens, ideal for use with water and ink.
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