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Peter Woolleys Watercolour Studio CD Rom (Version 4)


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Peter Woolleys Watercolour Studio CD Rom (Version 4)

Learn to paint in watercolour with Peter Wooley with this CD-Rom. With video demonstrations, step-by-step workshops and interactive projects all in the comfort of your own home, you'll be painting master pieces in no time! As with anything, watercolour requires drive and determination to succeed. It is a medium that throws up challenges and problems not encountered in any other media. When things go wrong, it can be agonizingly frustrating. But none of these challenges or problems are insurmountable. If you accept the premise that you cannot run until you have learned to walk, and are prepared to take those early steps at an easy, slow pace, then I believe the rudiments of watercolour painting can be learnt by anyone. This doesn't mean I regard the whole business as easy. Far from it! The student of watercolour can expect to find exercises a completely mixed bag. Some things will go right first time, whilst others will remain difficult and seemingly unobtainable. It will often feel like two successful steps forward are always followed inevitably by one step backwards or visa versa. The key to success is perseverance! When an exercise has gone well, repeat it to prove to yourself that you can do it again. When an exercise has not gone well, try again. If you continued to fail it, take a break from it. If necessary, move onto the next exercise and return to it when you are in a clearer frame of mind. Above all, save everything. Good or bad; save it! File it in chronological order somewhere so you can review your progress. Observe closely at all times what happens after you have applied the paint. Much of what happens in watercolour happens after you've done you've your bit. Happy accidents are an integral part of the medium - some of the best bits you just can't plan. Above all, enjoy yourself! Don't be too hard on yourself when things don't go right. Remember, it's just a bit of paper and a spot of paint. Pace yourself and you'll be rewarded. Rush it and you'll miss something important. Learn to love the paint before you learn the best ways to apply it. It's a long road, but one rich with surprises. Happy Painting! The CD-Rom, version 4 of Watercolour Studio, includes advice and information, techniques and hints, a complete sketching guide and fully printable notes. Version 4 for Windows XP or Vista Minimum System Requirements: - Memory: 64mb RAM (128mb recommended) - Processor: 400Mz CPU - Windows XP or Vista with Media Player 7.1 or later. For technical support or enquiries contact

Published by Peter Woolley, , pages, ISBN

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